Seven Reasons Why Natural Thin Stone Veneer Is Preferable To Full-Depth Stone

For New Homes or Home Remodels, Natural Thin Stone Veneer Provides an Ideal Choice

Quality of Product

When you look at natural thin stone veneer in place it is indistinguishable from full-depth stone or wall rock but definitely gives a more natural look than manufactured stone. Thus you get an equally visually appealing product compared to full-depth stone at a fraction of the material cost, and about half of the installation cost.

Efficiency—Natural Thin Stone Veneer Saves Money and Time

Natural thin stone veneer is a more efficient product in terms of both the economics of transporting the rock (see below under Environmentally Friendly) and the ease of installing it. This results in a substantial savings to the homeowner.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural thin stone veneer is more environmentally friendly because natural thin stone veneer uses less stone for the same amount of coverage.   Because of the weight it is more efficient to transport.

As a reclaimed natural material, natural thin veneer stone is more friendly to the environment than manufactured stone veneer, which is produced using artificial and synthetic materials. (See the upcoming article Natural Thin Stone Veneer is a Great Choice for Building Green)

Homeowner Friendly

A homeowner can learn to install natural thin stone veneer, while full-depth stone requires a skilled stonemason to install.

At Stoneyard Building MaterialsNatural Sandstone Thin Veneer Wall we are happy to answer any installation questions you may have. We will be adding posts pertaining to the following: Homeowner Tips—Installing Natural Thin Stone Veneer In Five Easy Steps, and A Step-By-Step Guide For Installing Natural Thin Stone Veneer.

We will also be referencing some great links to video tutorials showing the thin stone veneer installation process.

Get ‘Er Done!

Whether you hire a professional stonemason to install your natural thin stone veneer or do it yourself, the time required for installation will be about half as long as for full-thickness stone—thus twice as much production for the same amount of labor hours, saving money and also time. Most importantly, the job gets done quicker!

Lighter Weight of Natural Thin Stone Veneer is More Practical

Due to its lighter weight, natural thin stone veneer can often be installed without the need for a stone/brick ledge or a masonry shelf foundation when this would be required if using heavy-cut stone. Weight considerations can be an important factor in many home remodels.  Structural engineering may be required for the weight involved in using full depth wall rock.

Therefore, natural thin stone veneer is also an essential product for giving you a natural stone look on non-load-bearing walls. For this reason, architects and engineers love natural thin stone veneer as it provides an ideal material for many situations with weight restrictions.

Weight can also be an important factor if you are doing the exterior of a two-story home because the distribution of the weight extends down the walls and into the footings. With natural thin stone veneer the look is the same as full-depth stone, and the weight concerns are alleviated.

Thinner Stone Saves Space

Natural thin stone veneer provides a distinct advantage to full-depth stone when there are space limitations, such as with a zero-clearance fireplace or in small areas where space is at a premium.

In many situations, natural thin stone veneer is the only feasible product that will allow you to achieve a natural stone finish, and it provides the same attractive look as full-depth stone.

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