Natural Thin Stone Veneer a Great Choice for Green Building


Why Natural Thin Stone Veneer Is Environmentally and Ecologically Friendly

Efficient Production with Less Environmental Impact

When we make natural thin sandstone veneer at Santa Barbara StoneYard Building Materials we capture the reverse side of the stone for use. This doubles the number of square feet that can be covered by a given amount of rock, and utilizes the rock to its full potential.

Natural thin stone veneer is cut just thick enough to provide a sound and secure building product, while still providing a visually appealing look that is indistinguishable from full-dimension stone. It can be used in places where full dimension stone is too heavy or thick.

Because less stone is used for a given project, less stone needs to be quarried. This prolongs the life of the quarry and utilizes the rock to its full potential. Extending the life of the quarry minimizes the number of acres of land required for quarries overall, which is much better for the earth!

Efficient Shipping

Transporting natural thin stone veneer costs about one-third of the cost of transporting full thickness cut stone, saving you money. Because less fuel is used, there is less wear and tear on delivery vehicles—this is also good for the earth!

Locally Produced

Further shipping savings are realized by producing the natural thin stone veneer locally. This lessens the carbon footprint and environmental impact and creates local jobs. 


Unlike many manufactured stone products, natural thin stone veneer emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Natural thin stone veneer is a recycled natural material that is 100% usable, and it can be recycled 

Refer to our previous post titled “Seven Reasons Why Natural Thin Stone Veneer is Preferable to Full-Depth Stone” for more specific information related to your particular project. 

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